One of the most important parts of a great network is the foundation provided by quality network cabling. Base IT’s team of cablers have experience installing networking cabling all over California. Our team keeps up with the latest industry standards and has the expertise to provide industry best services.

Campus Cabling

Our Favorite Projects

Installation of Wireless Access Points

Wireless access drives networks and having dedicated data drops for each WAP is critical. Get your installed today. 

Emergency Commications

POE devices including loud speakers and digital displays are now used for communication during emergencies

Fiber Backbones

Contrary to popular belief, everything still requires high speed backbones and fiber is the only solution that can provide the highest bandwidth. 

Internet of Things (IOT)

From HVAC to lighting, we seen it all. Internet of things means more data in more locations. 

Security CAmeras

We’ve installed hundreds of IP based camera system. Our experience allows us to out preform other vendors in the space. 


Let’s be honest, just about everything is already VOIP. If not, it’s really time to make the switch. We also preform work on new construction and add moves and changes. 

Data Center Cabling

Cabling Service Regions

Finger Printed and Background Checked

CA/NV Licensed Contractor

General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance

Commercial References

Security Camera System Installation

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