Cloud Managed Networks

Base IT’s managed solutions are built with security in mind, using industry best practices to meet the security and compliance requirements of our customers.

Cloud Managed Network Infrastructure

Our Managed Network Infrastructure services ensure your network is safe, available and performing as it should. They include elements such as managed firewall services, content delivery network and managed load balancing, designed to ensure your network infrastructure is secure, available and performing as it should — delivering the maximum value to your business.

Low Flat Bill

All network cost are bundled into single low cost monthly bill.

Hardware Included

No upfront hardware cost when upgrading to our solution.

Support Included

Our team of technicians is ready to support our hardware and any needs.

Hardware Updates

Network equipment is refreshed every 5 years keeping your users happy.

Security Audits Included

We protect our customers and that we why we included network security audits.

Features and Capabilities

Fast and Reliable Wireless

Whether you are updating replacing or redesigning your network, our team of network engineers in here to assist you along the way. We bring a simple, yet powerful network design to power your organization. Our solutions are 5Ghz heavy and work well in high-density environments.

Hosted on AWS

We are hosted on AWS, which provides robust physical data center security and environmental controls.

24/7 Monitoring

From our Network Operations Center (NOC), we remotely monitor, and proactively identify potential system failures before disruptions to critical operations occur. Our NOC engineers can diagnose and resolve critical network problems before they occur – 24x7x365. 

SD-LAN/SD-WAN - Cloud Patched and Updated

We automatically keep your network fully updated and patch to ensure all hardware is fully secured on your network.