Base IT Project Highlights

Security Cameras - Dixon, CA

Installation of security cameras throughout their facilities while providing a single platform to view all locations globally.  Base IT provided design, installation, documentation, commission and staff training for the system. 

Key Access Control - San Rafael, CA

Installation of an access control system that integrated into the camera system  and provides seamless visibility into EO Projects facilities. The final project is easily managed saving time and resources updating access throughout their campus. 

Security Cameras - Monte Sereno, CA

Installation of security cameras in the city office to improve security around city facilities. Leveraging our state-of-the-art computer vision technology, simplify and manage the detection of people and vehicles in the frame. 

Cloud Phone System - San Francisco, CA

Implementation of a cloud-based phone system as a service. Porting and transferring of existing phone lines into a cloud distributed service. Configuration of system IVR and all necessary phones and mobile app access. 

IT Infrastructure - Fremont, CA

Management and support of corporate network and security including 10gpbs network-attached storage, backups and installation of security cameras. 

Security Cameras - Watsonville, CA

Replacing the antiquated security camera system was experiencing many reliability issues.  Installation of new security cameras throughout their Headquarters while providing a single platform to view all locations globally.  

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Security Cameras - San Jose, CA

Design, Installation and training of security cameras at their field office to improve campus security.