One of the questions most people come up with is what is a commercial  security system? A security system is easy to understand. A bunch of different sensors and camera’s all look up to your business to protect you. The main parts are pretty simple, a control panel, sensors that look up to the door when it is opened, motion detection sensors to detect motion, surveillance cameras to record and some times a siren. If the system detects a threat it notifies you or to professionals that can send the police in case of emergency to your home. So that sounds simple right?

cloud access control system
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We believe that security needs to adapt to your mobile lifestyle making things easier and more streamlined makings things easy around all the chaos. Cloud based Door Access Control System works with your mobile phone and it can also work even if you don’t have your mobile phone with you because you can simply present your door security card, the card is the easiest way for you to get inside your business. You can also deactivate the access when unnecessary.

There are numerous advantages of a CLOUD BASED access control system that would be discussed in detail below.

  1. Universal use

    The use of Cloud Access Control System could be used anywhere for security purposes. The places include offices, universities, banks, shops and of course our houses. Security is the first priority so door access control systems are the best solution to security issues.
  1. No issues of duplicate keys

    Once you have had Door Access Control System at your place, you are free from worries like duplicating keys. Physical locks have keys to open them and when you have keys it’s easy to make a duplicate of those keys. Cloud Door Access Control Systems keep you safe from such worries.
  1. No breaking of locks

    One more thing you shouldn’t be worried about if you have a Cloud Based Door Access Control System is breaking of strangers at your place because there is no physical lock that the stranger could break.
  1. Diverse access

    In many cases you have to manage quite a few things together for instance in a business you can have multi branches located in different areas so you can no doubt use the Door Control System at different places too. Cloud Based System allows you access at any location.
  1. Smart record

    Apart from being able to access the key cards it easily records the history of all entries being made. That means a brief record of all the entries could be kept too. Is that not so convenient? Of course it is!
  1. Easy execution of the system

    The installment of the system at your place is no big deal!
    No matter where you live the Cloud based Door Access Control Systems are always easy to implement, install and execute.


On this note let’s quickly view some of its cons because being aware about everything that you use should be your priority. The access system could be hacked and once it’s hacked it can access all your personal information or it can easily open the door. On a lighter note hacking the access system is not so easy peasy! Only professionals can do. While the hacker is in the process of hacking you would get threats to upgrade the pin code. Cloud Based Door Access Control Systems are the new door locks!! So say hello to the future and secure your places from bad eyes of the strangers.