Your Communications Dashboard Base VOIP Web Client

Logging in

  1. Retrieve your credentials from your 3CX User Account details email.
  2. Go to your Web Client URL. 
  3. Login using your extension and password.

User Manual - Logging on

    Dial a Calls

    1. Locate the dial pad in the top center of the WebClient.
    2. Dail the full number including 1 and the area code.
    3. Press call to connect. 

    Make, Receive & Transfer Calls

    1. Make a call by clicking on an extension or enter name/number in the search box.
    2. Toggle the phone icon to trigger a call on your smartphone, deskphone or web client.
    3. Transfer a call by clicking “Transfer” or “Att. Transfer”, enter the extension or name.
      1. If Att. Transfer announce the call and click “Transfer”.
      2. To blind transfer click “Transfer” and hang up

    User Manual - Making Calls

    User Manual - Managing Status

    Manage your Status

    1. Set your status and status message by clicking on the drop down menu next to your avatar.
    2. Click on the pencil to add a status message.
    3. Set status temporarily to time limit your status automatically.
    4. Green means available, yellow on a call, red is busy – calls will be diverted to voicemail.

    Your Office Anywhere – The 3CX Apps

    Installing the 3CX Web Client Browser Extension

    As essential as our communications are, sometimes we want to free up our workspace and browser tabs without losing that crucial line of connection. This is where the 3CX Web Client Browser Extension steps in.

    The Browser Extension for Chrome and Edge provides you with a mini pop out web client that gives you immediate access to make and receive calls, view status and quickly access other features of the Web Client.

    1. Install the browser extension for Chrome or Edge.
    2. Once you’ve added the extension to your browser, return to the Web Client and click “Activate your 3CX Extension for Chrome”.
    3. You will now see the blue phone icon in the extensions bar in your browser. Click on the icon to open the Browser Extension pop out.

    Top tip: In the top left-hand corner of the Web Client click “Allow Notifications” to enable desktop notifications!

    And that’s it! Now you can quickly and easily make and receive calls from your desktop without needing to open the full Web Client.

    Download the iOS or Android Apps:

    • Open your 3CX User Account details email.
    • Open the app on your device, tap on the menu (top left) and then “Scan QR Code”
    • Now scan the QR code in the body of the email – done!

    Google Play Button

    App store

    Smartphone Apps - iOS and Android