Cloud-based access control that seamlessly integrates with powerful video security.

Verkada Cloud Based Access Control

Verkada AC41
Verkada AC41 - Smart 4-Door Controller

Key Features

  • Cloud-based access control for easy management and limitless scale
  • Manage all sites and users across your organization
  • Seamless integration with
    Verkada video security
  • Works with existing door hardware and readers.
  • Access doors from any device, as well as the Verkada Passapp
  • 10-year warranty on all hardware


Verkada Access combines enterprise-grade access control with a powerful, cloudbased management platform for a solution that’s always simple, secure, and ready for scale. 

Starting with Verkada’s Smart Controller, users are able to bring plug-and play simplicity to managing doors and access across their organization. Smart Controllers work with your building’s existing door hardware and readers. 

Once doors are connected, they’re ready to be managed from any device via Verkada Command. The Verkada Command platform allows you to easily manage building access, schedules and users. Integration to active directory platforms ensure that employees are automatically configured, onboarded and offboarded. 

Through Verkada Command, access control and cameras are connected seamlessly to deliver real-time video analytics on access events. Using Verkada’s industry-leading edge-based video processing, users are able to not only see what is happening at their points of entry, but also proactively take action for meaningful events.

Powerful features to gain greater visibility and control into your sites

Verkada Software Overview Acccess Control

Command, Verkada’s cloud-based management software, is designed to deliver simple access and management for all doors, cameras, and users across all sites from virtually anywhere in the world.

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Door Management

  • Instantly see door events including live and
    historical footage
  • Filter by events such as unlocks, door opens, and
    access granted or denied
  • Create custom schedules for any day of the week

Video Integration

  • Associate existing Verkada cameras with doors for increased visibility
  • Add multiple cameras to see events from multiple angles 
  • Quickly export video evidence for investigations

User Management

  • Import users, integrate with active directory, or add new users manually
  • Control door access by user groups
  • Assign multi-format access including cards, pins, and mobile access

Site Management

  • Manage a limitless number of doors across any number of sites in your organization
  • Access all your doors and cameras from Verkada’s centralized Command platform

Cloud Access Control Security Webinar

Organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud to enable remote access, support greater scale, and improve usability of their access control systems. In this webinar, we’ll show how to deploy smart, cloud-based access control so simple and scalable that it works for everyone at your organization.

Attendees Receive a Free Verkada Yeti!

Secure and Scalable


Can Verkada’s Access Control integrate with existing cards and readers?

Yes, you can use existing third-party cards and readers with Verkada Access Control.

Can I remotely manage access into and out of my building?

Yes, you can remotely lock and unlock doors from any device, including computers and smart phones.

How many doors can I have in my Command account?

Verkada is a cloud-based solution with limitless support for the number of doors used across your organization.

What Happens if you loose Power?

Verkada’s system can run off backup batteries. Simply plug the controller into your standard UPS. 


Verkada’s on site hardware can cache user credentials allowing uninterrupted access to facilities.  

Can I USE my phone to open Doors?

Yes, simply open the verada app and select the door you wish to open. 

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