Why Choose Us

Instantly Send Live Videos

Sending Video to First Responders

Verkada Live Link & See A Live Camera Video Feed 

Discover how simple it is to grant secure, remote access to footage with Verkada.
With the live link feature, Verkada allows you to:

  • Share live footage with first responders via SMS or weblink
  • Set an expiration date for the link or revoke permissions
  • Be notified with live camera footage in the event of predetermined scenarios

Use Face Recognition to Track People

  • Bring speed and efficiency to investigations with powerful computer vision
  • See high-resolution images of every person that comes and goes through your space
  • Search and filter for people by time, date, gender traits, top/bottom clothing color, and facial matches
  • Quickly search for people detected on camera by facial matches or uploaded images
  • Instantly view all moments of a facial match where a person was detected
  • Export any relevant images and footage to any device

No NVR/DVR Required

Verkada eliminates local servers and NVRs, resulting in a system architecture that is simpler, more secure, and easier to operate and manage. Open ports—which introduce security vulnerabilities in traditional camera systems—are also omitted from the system’s design.

Low Bandwidth Requirement

Bandwidth Verkada

Compared to typical IP security cameras, which upload video footage continuously to the cloud, Verkada cameras have a reduced impact on the local area network. Viewers securely access the video after it is proxied through Verkada Command’s cloud service. Multiple simultaneous viewers do not increase local area network (LAN) bandwidth use from the cameras. Result: Verkada cameras work even in areas where limited internet connectivity prevents cameras from other manufacturers from operating.

Easy to Maintain

Say goodbye to legacy systems beset by outdated firmware and security vulnerabilities. Verkada cameras automatically receive software updates and upgrades. These updates—which include the latest security enhancements as well as new features and functionality—are made available to all Verkada software license holders via periodic scheduled maintenance windows. Verkada’s secure, automated approach ensures seamless delivery of updates without interrupting camera operability. So it’s easy for administrators to stay ahead of emerging security threats, while gaining access to all the latest features and industry-leading security camera capabilities.

Viewable Anywhere Anytime

cctv Security Cameras

Access and view Verkada cameras from your smartphone or internet connected computer. 

  • App for iPhone
  • App for Android
  • 100% Web Based
  • Apple TV App

10 Year Warranty

We stand by our product and are pleased to offer a 10-year product warranty, included with the purchase of your Verkada system. If your camera breaks or stops working, email returns@verkada.com with the camera’s serial number. Our team will review the request and ship the replacement camera within 48 hours of the request being approved.

Experienced Installation Team

Licensed Contractor

Finger Printed and Background Checked

General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance

Commercial References

Security Camera System Installation

Scalable to thousands of locations and Cameras

  • Deploy cameras in minutes and across locations, infinitely.
  • Leverage video analytics to gain valuable business insights
  • Eliminate the need for NVR/DVRs and additional infrastructure