Your home is the first and foremost place where you feel safe and protected. But with the immense growth of burglary, it became impossible to live a neutral life. More than 20,000 local citizens of the United States die every year due to accidents occurs at home.

A short while ago, an order has been passed to elect a special Community Affairs Officer whose prime duty will be building a healthy working relationship with the communes.

This means that now, you will be having a schooled security expert who is adroit at giving the best ideas to the U.S locals to avoid the security hacks. In a recent home security evaluation, eight simple home safety hacks have been narrated by the Police Officer which are;

Buy a good indoor CCTV camera:

CM61 Mini 4K Camera​

Owning a CCTV security surveillance at your home is a perfect idea. A safety camera can perfectly capture the footage of the suspect. With its advanced features, you can now have a clear motion picture with its audio available. One of the most affordable ways to secure your family and neighborhood is to install a CCTV security system into your home. It can easily catch the intruder’s face with its high-quality lens and amazing night-vision feature. Also, there is a motion detector that alarms you on every motion. 

Get a new home lock:

door lock system

Most of the security hacks ensue because of the old locks at your home. From how long you have not changed the locks of your house? It is to be suggested that you should renew the security lock of your house every 6 months. It is because you never know who has been to your house and made a duplicate key of your door. It might be a family member, a friend or any delivery boy. Conclusively, you should never take your home’s security for granted. In less than $100, you can renew your security lock.

Place an alarm sign at the backyard:

cctv alarm sign

Hangouts with your friends can never be delayed. But you can’t leave your home all alone. Setting a security alarm at your home can be beneficial. Connect the alarm from your mobile device so that whenever you go out you get an alarm on every movement outside or in your house. Mostly, the CCTV security cameras have the feature to automatically trigger upon any motion. But you can purchase a separate home security alarm.

Outplacing the old bulbs:

To avoids, home break-ins, replace the old tube lights of your backyard and front door. Almost all housebreakings occur at might nights. When you are asleep, you might know who came inside your home and haven stole your costly gadgets. Always open up your home’s lights so that the burglar thinks that you awaken. It might save you from many home incidents.

Call a security survey team:

A community affairs security officer has been appointed by the police department whose utmost task is to guide the local natives of the United States about the best possible tips to overcome home security hacks. Please ask the security survey officers to visit your home. The whole security team will completely check your house under the mandates of the chief security officer. This will help know about the places in your house where there are more chances of risk.

Get out the unwanted garden shears:

There is nothing more significant than protecting your family. Make sure that every bush outside your home’s window should not cross the 2-3 feet height. It is to be done to maximize the visibility of your home from inside to out so that you can see from your window. For bowing your favorite plants, you can occupy the area of your lawn.

Protect your neighbors:

Having good neighbors is all you want. When you plan to install a CCTV security camera to your home, suggest your neighbors too. If you haven’t placed the camera inside your house yet, contact any security team so that you can install multiple cameras inside and out of your house to avoid home break-ins.

Cook something delicious:

One of the best ways to live in a secure and protected environment is to make good terms with your neighbors. If you find the sweet, cook a mouth-watering food and send it to your neighbors. This will create a family relationship and will be helpful for you. Because it is your neighbors who look after your house when you are out of the station.